About Us/Me 

Firstly.. Thank you for stopping by our store. The goal is not to just sell you products. We desire for your life and livelihood to get better because of them. I hope that you are inspired & happy with what you find here. 

RAchelle is a devoted student of the earth,  her healing herbs & magik, spirituality , and all things life & death ( YIKES! that went dark lol, death in the terms of releasing and allowing for newness and healing to come in) 

Surviving various tragic life events, I was unaware of the strain put on my womb and spiritual being. Allowing my self the space to journey through healing, The Yoni Apothecary was born! Focusing on the appreciation of  plant based self care & healing.


We believe that the best healing comes from mother nature and we honor mother nature by connecting to her healing energy.

We give thanks to the universe for ALL of your continued love energy & support!!