Our After Birth Vaginal Steam Blend was formulated specifically to address women in their postpartum stages. The After Birth blend will help to replenish the blood that was lost during child birth, help to tighten ad strengthen the vaginal walls and to help shift the tue uterus back into place after going through labor. 


  • The blend is created to  shift the uterus back in place and replenish blood lost during childbirth


  • Each package contains herbs for 4-6 steams. (4.5 ounces)


  • Herbal blend may not be as pictured but will be blended as described


After a DNC or miscarriage – Advised to wait 2-3 weeks to steam. Make sure there is no infection or bleeding prior to steaming.

Postpartum:  Advised to wait 6-8 weeks to steam. Make sure you are not bleeding and there is no infection

After Birth Vaginal Steam Blend

  • Specially formulated organic herbal blend