Our So Sweet Yoni Oil A pH balancing oil blend of 100% organic oils and herbs to soothe discomfort, irritation, help to increase libido and sexual arousal and kill bacterial infections. This oil is a healing aid to all yoni matters, it will aid in restoring your reproductive health, balance, and confidence as a woman.


 Pair with Our Vaginal Cleanser, for the ultimate yoni healing expirence.  


Has not  been tested for the use of pregnant/breastfeeding women

  • GMO free
  • Cruelty free 
  • Certified Sustainable Plant Based ingredients 
  • No Synthetic Frangrances 
  • Infused with Healing  Oils & Herbs


So Sweet Yoni Oil

  • Ingredients:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Damiana & Nettle Leaf, Myrrh Essential Oil Frainkincesne Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil,  Clove Bud Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Red Raspberry Oil,